Wednesday, January 27, 2010


You can use a phone book and mineral spirits to clean off excess paint fill on metal plates and name badges?
Here is how: 
When using paint fill on solid brass, nickel, or other metal plates or namebadges:
1: Engraving depth should be .008” - .010” minimum depth.
2: If cutting lubricant was used, make sure to clean out engraving with something that will get rid of the oil.  Rubbing Alcohol is usually good enough.
3: Use a phonebook, and some type of thinner or Mineral Spirits:
  3A:  Open to at least 20-30 pages in, and spray or drip mineral spirits on the page.  Create a spot about 3-5 inches in diameter.
  3B:  Holding your place, close the book and press, to saturate both sides, and let excess seep into pages.
  3C:  Hold brass plate by the edges, and place engraving-side down near center of the open page.
  3D:  Firmly press and wipe *once*, in one direction, towards the edge of the page.  This removes most of the excess paint.
  3E:  Turn the page, to get a clean surface.  Wipe or buff the engraved side until it is clean.  - Some use circular motion, or some wipe in straight 90 degree angles, horizontal and vertical to the lettering.
  3F:  Turn to a 3rd page, or use a clean area of the page, to make a final, single swipe to polish the surface.
* If the desired paint is being rubbed out of the engraving, then letting the paint dry for 30 minutes between steps 3D and 3E
Most enamel tends to shrink up when drying, so a second coat can be necessary.
Have you discovered your own way to remove excess paint fill? Share your methods with us here.

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