Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gravograph has gone social!

Gravograph has taken the challenge to develop a marketing plan to create further awareness in the social media realm. Therefore, here at Gravograph, we have taken steps to acquire various social network accounts. These accounts will enable the follower to learn more valuable information about what is going on within the Gravograph community. A few things that will be discussed on our social network sites are:
  • The events that Gravograph is holding or will be participating in.
  • The new machines and supplies that we, at Gravograph, will be introducing to the public.
  • Any videos that we feel are appropriate for viewers to view, so they may further educate themselves or enjoy.
  • Sales and promotions that Gravograph is offering to the public.
Take advantage of this opportunity and make sure you are served up-to date info as they occur.


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