Wednesday, August 11, 2010


GravoStyle engraving software provides the ability to drive your laser as well as your rotary engraver. It can be used with lasers from all manufacturers that provide a Windows driver. GravoStyle5 software pioneered the single engraving platform which can drive both technologies (see video). Benefits include:

  • Quick and convenient 1-click switching between rotary and laser engraving modes. No need to export your design from one software and import in different software. Saves time & money.

1-Click Switching Between Engraving Modes
  • Easier work environment
    • Different screen background colors help distinguish your working environment: gray for rotary; blue for laser
    • Automatically organizes toolbars. Only the current toolbar is displayed unless docked
    • Displays just the tools and toolbars applicable for rotary or laser technology
  • Reduces cross-training time since most of the design tools are the same in both rotary and laser technologies
  • Automatically uses the default engraving machine for the current engraving mode saving time and avoiding confusion
  • Automatically uses the appropriate engraving output dialog for your machine

Appropriate output dialog automatically displayed for current working mode
  • The integrated laser driver is unique to Gravograph. Unlike competitor’s drivers which must be accessed through the standard Windows printer dialogs, GravoStyle and LaserStyle require just 1 click to open the Lasering dialog (click for video). This dialog (shown above, right) provides the interface to the laser and many user benefits:
    • All lasering job parameters such as material dimensions, power, speed, passes, air assist, offset, orientation and engraving modes are saved with the job. This is a huge time-saver especially when needing to run the job again at a later date. Avoid having to re-run power and speed tests the next time you run the job and reduce errors and wasted material as a result
    • The material dimensions are known and automatically entered. In comparison with competitor drivers, these parameters must be manually entered through the standard Windows printer dialog
    • Enhanced layer management in GravoStyle5 allows any combination of layers to be output to the laser as one or separate jobs, a task difficult to do in design software disconnected from the driver.
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